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Peer-to-Peer Ethics

What is This?
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What is the Peer-to-Peer Ethics Infoline?

C.A.R. offers a free ethics infoline for REALTOR® members who would like assistance from a volunteer member who is trained in the Code of Ethics and can answer questions about non-legal ethics matters.  

Members can ask questions about:

  • whether their own actions might violate the Code of Ethics
  • whether the actions of another REALTOR® member might violate the Code of Ethics

The Peer-to-Peer Ethics Infoline volunteer is NOT an attorney and CANNOT give legal advice or answer legal questions!

The Infoline is only available for members who are NOT currently involved in an ethics case at a local association OR members who are not a plaintiff or defendant in related, pending litigation.  

The Peer-to-Peer Ethics volunteer will not provide answers or opinions in writing. All information will be provided orally. Local association grievance committees and ethics hearing panels are not bound by the opinions provided by Peer-to-Peer Ethics volunteers.

What you will need

If you would like Peer-to-Peer ethics assistance, you must provide the following information:

  • Your name, email address, and telephone number
  • Your license number
  • A brief description of your ethics issue

Is this process anonymous?

The intake coordinator requires license information to properly assign the call to an infoline volunteer; however, this process is confidential and information will not be shared with third parties.




You may also call (213) 739-9160 to submit a call-back request.  The coordinator will ask for information required to screen your call for assignment to an infoline volunteer.  You MUST provide the requested information for qualifying purposes.


Interested in serving as a Peer-to-Peer Ethics Infoline volunteer? 


Become part of the team!  A member of our team will contact you upon submission of your application and provide you with the Code of Ethics Training course.  Pass the exam and you're in!   Click here to download an application


Check out other C.A.R. services at https://www.car.org/contactus/car.

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